The recent episode of Pakistan high level beaurocrat Maliha Lodhi congragulating Mahershala Ali for winning an oscar and later deleting that tweet goes to speak of the widespread malice and hatred for the Ahmediya community


Let’s talk about taboos and discuss the malign treatment of Ahmedis commonly referred as Mirzai or Qadiani (a derogatory term in the Islamic republic).From the very inception of Pakistan,situation was tense for them owing to the very unorthodox nature of their beliefs. The gradual interference of state by implementing policies based on malice and ill will  had made their life utterly impossible.It all started with the populist leader, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,trying to consolidate his position using Ahmedis as a bait and declaring them officially as Non Muslims.One must argue the very legality of this unilateral decision(although if you totally believe in the myth of sacredness of the parliament,then you must refrain). Do states have the right to decide the belief of its citizens or they are supposed to do the work they are assigned for. Anyways,it is just a matter of priorities;either you are focused to develop your country or the politically correct version of a faith.One thing led to another,with the gradual increase in mistreatment both on social and governmental scale against the community  came the notoriously popular ‘ANTI-AHMADIYYA ORDINANCE’ of the “mard e momin,mard e haq”.


The argument is not necessarily the social acceptance of the community rather the injustice caused due to governmental policies.Why do our governments have ample time to engage in forming policies to separate a harmless community from the national stream.Such laws have always prevented ahmedis to get their better due whether in the form of governmental positions or in recognition of their services to their country for the likes of a much celebrated scientist Dr. Abdus Salam globally but regarded as a traitor in the homeland and many more down the list.As a result,the state which is obliged to protect its citizens in life threatening situations,seems to act like a spell bound spectator during the numerous events of misconduct of ahmedis by the extremist mobs. To conclude,our policy makers must act in the way to lead the country her forefathers intended,a state for the oppressed, not the other way around where institutional discrimination gradually kills the diversity of a country and rather makes it a rigid state where there is no room for celebrating differences.


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