The Blog of Bashir and Haider

We are Haider and Bashir and we are writing this blog for you to better understand gormint and its inner workings.


We would keep it light, we would keep it simple and we would keep it informative.
Haider’s Motivation:

Hye All I am Haider. I went to see Bashir in Lahore recently, and the Nerd that he is, he took me to a book store, the likes of which I had not seen before. The racks studded with books. Famous books, books that are not available in a city like Chakwal. I saw a world of knowledge that the ordinary like myself had no access to, this spurred a discussion amongst us.  So we discussed everything that we could like the responsible facebook users of Pakistan. Out of this discussion came the idea for this blog.

We aim to equip you with enough knowledge about the systems of governments across the globe. But not just that we will try giving our opinion on various topics that are closely related to us Like How the 100 is still running and how is “How to get away with murder” going to get away with the murder of one of its most popular characters or “Aisa Nahi chalay ga” Ab Nahi chalay ga tou iska matlab ye hai k ab aisa chalay ga?

The blog is what it says on the Box: A Medium for Bashir and Haider for express their selves.

Bashir’s Take:

People like the intricacies of how governments work for sure and as a result they take it for granted that they have to be ruled. I don’t really love the lack of skepticism and follow every darn rule approach by the masses. We must not adhere to the principles laid out to us by some non-egalitarian sort of freaks interested only in their well-being. That’s the main idea of this blog series, with the collaboration of one of the most skeptic(though in a positive way)person I know that is Haider, we ought to show it to you that governments are not really a holy construct that is to be obeyed no matter how ridiculous they may seem. But don’t worry, we are set to do it in one of the most wittiest and uncanny ways because our approach is: more fun and less learning (hahahah). So let’s embark with us in a wonderful journey of institutional literacy and form a network of seekers, seekers for the true meaning of government and create a wave of well-informed individuals.


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