The dilemma of populist leaders

2016 witnessed the most tumultuous  chain of events that propelled the least capable to the most powerful. But to what do we owe this? How did the leading democracies in the World come to this? Has democracy failed?
Let us try to address what caused this.

Of late political correctness has  become synonymous with deception. The globalisation and continuous flow of information combined with misinformation has not helped the established polity. Coupling this with their inability to properly grasp the short term problems of the public created a lack of trust amongst the concerned.

Globalisation played a key role in the end of the world as we know it. Hate was spewed to and from the west. This gave rise to the hate mongering, P****Y grabbing, bigots to come into the main stream. With media houses becoming political parties people relied more on the information of the internet. The beauty of the internet is that you are free to conclude what you feel is right, unlike the untrustworthy media. Also on social media the differences aren’t to be resolved rather are wars of shutting down each other.

This made room for those who lay the blame elsewhere. “How can victims be doing this to themselves?” they ask. Lack of Jobs must be China, How can we afford toilets with Pakistan breathing down our neck, let’s stop the flow of people by leaving EU. So for them problems were simple : Some countries are evil their people ‘bad hombres’  and dealing with them was also fairly simple : ‘F*** them’.

That’s what they said and were convincing enough to make people  believe.

But how is this relevant to Pakistan, well we have always been paranoid. We have always blamed others. Taliban were created by America, Floods and famine have always been India. We are the best, we are so brave.  No one can cross the borders where we stand guard except the ones that have made deals with corrupt Zardari that we don’t know about.

Our media since its inception has been polarised and certain parties have paid bullies on social media to confront anyone that they must. This has made us into intolerant stupid sheep. The only way out seems to follow incorruptible shepherds.

We have our own populist leaders that are challenging the current polity. They are not different than trump in their tone and aggression. But the blame for their and trump’s rise is on those who failed to stay connected for one reason or another. If we do not regulate the flow of misinformation globally we will all die in a nuclear apocalypse but not to worry Pakistanis we are safe because we also have the A bomb, and above all the taqat of Eeeman. The Manajat of Amir Bhai will save us kiu k ham mar jayen Aisa tou nae chalay ga.


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